The life of a business man is tough enough, but what if you don't pay taxes?


Arrow Keys / WASD / Left Stick - left, right, jump / double jump, navigate menus

Space / Enter / (A) - select, jump / double jump

M - music on, off


Challenging and procedurally generated Eastern European environment, enemies and allies

HD pixel art by an Eastern European

Original Eastern European score by an Eastern European

Cheeki breeki


This demo isn't representative of the final quality of the game. There are bugs in here that are being worked on or that are already fixed. Thanks for playing!



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Like this game!

Says it wont download for me

Hey, man! Sorry to hear! Can you send me a printscreen of the error message, please?



A fast-paced platformer about the bourgeoisie exploiting the system to their benefit? Sounds like my kind of game!

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Full version is coming to itch.io and Steam! There won't be a price difference or different dates for sales (if any). Thank you! \o/

love this game

Thank you! :D

love this game

My favorite feature were the power ups, since they were both humorous and extremely useful. The music and sound effects were good, I especially liked the sound picking up coins made. Although the art looks good, I certain elements of the foreground didn't register to me as obstacles. I eventually got used to it, but I would have had an easier time if the distinction between background and fore ground was clearer. Thanks for the fun experience and I wish you and your game the best of luck!

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Thank you, bro! The graphics will get an overhaul to deal specifically with that issue, yes! That's what you get when you add stuff bit by bit instead of doing it all at once with a ready-made color palette! Oh, well, the more you know! Stay tuned for the full release at tibith.com

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When cats, crows, dogs and sewers are better at arresting me than the cops who run behind me but always stay at a reasonable distance until I slow down.

Very amazing game you made here ! I always come back from time to time to try and reach the demo wall.

Very cool! Love the pixel art!

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Everything in this game from the view, to the music feels SO. INCREDILBY. POLISH.

Poland cannot into taxes.

Haha! Thank you! At first I thought you said polish as in "it's very detail-oriented", not Polish as in "kurwa!". Haha!

Wanna vote for the full version on Greenlight? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/stats/880838925

This game is super fun, but it makes me wonder why a successful businessman is living in such a dangerous town filled with giant pipes and tons of cars on the sidewalks!

Thanks, man! :D Glad you like it! Wanna vote vor the full release on Greenlight? \o/ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/stats/880838925

really good, fun and addictive. Actually manged to do the demo *proud*

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Thanksies! You damn well should be proud. I can't even finish the thing sometimes!

How about finishing the full version now? :D

Fun game and has some great art too

Thank you! Care to vote for it on Greenlight?

Thanks for making, man. This game was really fun!


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And thank you very much for playing! :Care to vote for Don't Tax Me, Bro! on Greenlight? :D

Really fun game! will be featured in an Upcoming Vid.

Please check out my other videos while im in the process of Making the Vid:


Also, Please Make this for Mac! Thx

Thank you, man! Cool stuff. I'm honored!

The only reason why it's not on Mac yet is that I haven't got one around to test in on. But once I do, I will. Most definitely!

In the meantime, you might want to help Greenlight the game! :D

Did a revisit episode for you. It's significantly better. I think the adjustments helped the game a lot.

Did have a couple additional critiques, but they're so small you honestly don't have to do them. It might just be something to keep in mind if you do want to make improvements.

One of the best art-styles for web-games I've ever seen <3

You can finish the demo ya know

Haha! Great stuff! Thanks for the kind words, mate!

When I jump out the window a cop runs at me from the right almost immediately

It's a bug! :o It's 'cause the difficulty level doesn't reset immediately after restart. It's fixed, but I have to update the demo tomorrow! Stay tuned for the full release on the 30th of March! :D

Thanks for the update and cant wait for the release ^_^

Please make this an app, for a price or free, just please make this an app :D

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1.Loved this DEMO can't wait for the full release.

2.I would like to know if this is a PC only game or if it will be on consoles?

3.keep up the good work :)

This game is great! I have one problem though, Sometimes I'll be playing and a Cop will randomly dash out from the direction I'm running. This has happened to me multiple times, and got me killed at nearly the very start of the game.

Hey, man! Thanks! The cops coming from the right are completely intentional. It gets harder the more you stay alive. In the full release, you'll get an audio-visual warning before cops appear. From either direction ๐Ÿ˜ Hope that clears it up!

Thanks! That makes much more sense. The game is really fun and I think it's a must play for people who like infinite runners.

Loved this! Beautiful art and music. Do have a couple complaints, but overall enjoyed it.

Thanks, GrannyJo! Valid complaints! I will most definitely address the issue of the ambiguity of objects that you can interact with by virtue of a slight hue and contrast change! Thanks for the awesome crit! :D Keep an eye out, 'cause there will be a final update to the demo in about 4 days. Cheers!

Yeah, man, I'll totally revisit it and cover it again on my channel. Very excited.

Updated to v0.75 of the demo! :D

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Okay! I will check it out and recover the demo for my channel within the next couple days. Played a little bit and there is a big difference. Got much further in the level. Very excited!

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Thanks, man! Keep in mind - this is just the demo! ๐Ÿ˜

Dude this is so fucking jolly and good, the music makes me giddly as fuck, great work!

Thank you very much, sir / madame! Glad you like it!

i finished the game on first try xD

Awesome! May I ask you what other games did you play recently?


I didn't know the game had an ending, It was a bit hard on the eyes the first time i played it. Cool Idea, hope this gets completed!

Thanks! The "hard to figure out the objects" thing is being addressed. And yes, it will most definitely be ready in time! ๐Ÿ˜Ž


Markiplier brought me here!

Same! XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRa1Gpo-Pd4


Hey man!, I love this game, Your game got featured by a popular youtuber called Markiplier, And got a ton of views!, Check markiplier's video of your game! :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRa1Gpo-Pd4

Thank you very much! I'm aware of the video, yes! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? ๐Ÿ˜‚ I wrote something about that in this blog article. Check it! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Thanks for sending the link, Also, You really deserved getting your game featured by a popular youtuber, I will be following your game throughout the devolepment of this game! :D

It's very difficult to make a game that's just plain fun but this game does it! We made a video where we play it and celebrate hitting a subscriber milestone! Looking forward to the full version when it's released!


"Gata boss" lmfao

Ce-ti mai place! ๐Ÿ˜Ž Merci frumos, boss!

Astept versiunea completa! Unlimited run+android si esti boss de boss :D

hahahahahaha, there is two things you can not avoid...

Just found this game on itch.io! I have to say this game is awesome! I really enjoyed it! https://youtu.be/V4GiG46dMfw

Thanks, man!

Just pay your taxes dang it, the small monetary savings doesn't outweigh the difficulty you will face. Literally everything and everyone is out to get you -- the law, dogs, cats, birds and even manholes. Rock solid controls, eye pleasing pixelated graphics and difficulty that will leave you coming back for more and not qutting in frustration. AWESOME game...check it out, you will thank me but even more you will thank TIbith for making this fantastic endless runner. stay AWESOME and thanks for watching!!

You're awesome, bro! Thanks! :D It's been great times watching you getting KOed by my minions! >:)

this game is seriously fun and addicting! it is just one of those games you can't seem to put down. thanks so much for the fun times and the amazing experience. stay creatively AWESOME always!!


Interesting idea but the stuff that can block you needs to stand out a bit more. Especially the small stuff.

Indeed, the game can (and will :P) benefit from replacing the hard to see assets with easier to spot ones. Thanks!

Wow! Cool! Loved the work on the sound.


Thanks, bro! Check out the SFX / music man here http://www.facebook.com/TonyBaboon/